we are a small, ethical in house cattery


our females and also our male live with us and are allowed to move freely in the whole house.
our cats are our friends, our playmates, our cuddle partners and our comforters. but above all they are full family members for us. each of our cats has its own character, which distinguishes them. our cats also have good and bad days. that's why it's important to us to continue breeding on a small scale in the future. we always want to give each of our cats enough space and time. the second big advantage of a small cattery is that you have a calm and balanced group of cats that live harmoniously together

In addition to living together and a species-appropriate environment, the health and well-being of our animals is extremely important to us. all our breeding animals are genetically tested and free from breed-specific hereditary diseases.

In addition, all of our animals receive an extensive check-up at the vet once or twice a year. We regularly check blood and bowel movements. our animals are of course vaccinated and regularly dewormed.

a species-appropriate and balanced diet for our darlings is very important to us. we barf our cats most of the time. we also feed them high-quality wet food. our cats are good eaters, so sometimes we even have to slow them down a bit.